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Fall Newsletter 2018

Evergreen Lawn Aeration

Fall Newsletter 2018

It's that time of the year again to start thinking about aerating your lawn, the turf sure took a beating from the hot summer we experienced this year and most lawn are looking pretty thirsty right now.

The types of grass which grow here in the beautiful PNW are cool season grasses which makes the best time for aeration during the spring and fall while its actively growing and is able to repair itself more easily. Fall is the best time especially if you plan on over-seeding as the soil is nice and warm and the air temperature is right in that sweet spot for seed germination (55-75).

Fall is also a great time to thatch (power rake) your lawn as the dead matter and moss is dry from the summer sun and lack of rain. This makes it much easier to pull out of the lawn and dispose of. thatching can very traumatic to a lawn and just like aeration should only be done during the active growing season of the grass.

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