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Lawn Care Calendar

When is the right time?

Here is a quick guide to help you know when its appropriate for aeration, thatching, over-seeding and fertilization. This guide is weather dependent


We begin aerating lawns February 15th each year and finish November 15th, between these dates it is considered a good time as our cool season grass is in its active growing stage. Summer aeration can be preformed in July and August on lawns that are being watered for the purpose retention and penetration to the root zone helping minimize water cost. 


We begin this service March 1st each year and finish around November 1st. Spring thatching is best done between March 1st and June 15th while fall thatching is best done between August 15th and November 1st.


We over-seed lawns March 1st - November 1st with the best times being between March 1st and June 15th for the spring and between September 1st and November 1st for the fall. Summer over-seeding is fine but does require more watering. When we over-seed a lawn we always use a lawn starter fertilizer, we also have an organic option available for an extra fee.


We offer lime service after aeration between February 15th and November 15th. Lime best works into the soil with irrigation, so rain or sprinklers will get the job done.

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